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ISBN 978 0 565 09141 5 
Gold examines all aspects of this most prized metal, from its scientific properties and mineralogy, to the myths that surround it and the eventful history of its exploitation. The allure of gold has captured human imagination and inspired legends throughout history, from the ancient Egyptians, who encased their dead in gold to confer immortality, to the Greek legend of Midas, who turned all he touched to gold. It has formed the basis of international finance and it still remains an icon of enduring wealth. This book describes the geological processes that form gold deposits, where they occur and the practicalities and changing technologies of extraction and use. With stunning illustrations and informative text, it reveals the world of gold and reflects our enduring fascination with this precious metal.
Authors: Richard Herrington, Chris Stanley and Robert Symes
Format: Paperback
Extent: 64 pages
Size: 200 x 210mm
Illustrations: Colour Throughout
Publisher: British Natural History Museum
Published: 1999
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