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Great Caves of the World

ISBN 978 0 565 09216 0 
Author: Tony Waltham Visit some of the natural world’s most awe-inspiring surroundings in Great Caves of the World. This visual feast tours 28 of the most spectacular caves from across the globe, each chosen for its unique appeal. Format: Hardback Extent: 112pp Size: 267x248mm Illustrations: Colour throughout Publisher: British Natural History Museum Published: September 2008

Highly regarded geologist and caving expert, Tony Waltham, provides a concise introduction to the subject before exploring the exceptional characteristics of the featured caves. He describes how each one was formed, its environment and location, and how it contributes to our understanding of the underground.

This sumptuously illustrated book takes readers on a journey to a remarkable and surprising array of environments, from huge underground rivers and long lava formations to secret temples and ancient archaeological sites. Dwell in forests of sparkling ice columns deep inside the Pinega Caves, Russia; be dazzled by the beautiful mineral deposits in Lechugilla Cave, USA; and discover the classic Yorkshire pothole at Gaping Gill, England.


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