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Amber (The Natural Time Capsule)

ISBN 978 0 565 09258 0 
The book explains how amber is formed, where it is found and how to distinguish genuine amber from fakes. It describes its many uses, both in art and science, and recounts the elusive search for DNA from insect inclusions. Amber is a remarkable substance that originates from the resin of trees that lived millions of years ago. Anything that became trapped in this sticky resin was fossilized and perfectly preserved. The insects and other inclusions found in amber today are providing scientists with unique insights into the history of life on Earth. In Amber, Andrew Ross provides and engaging overview of this prehistoric substance and its fossilized inclusions.
Author: Andrew Ross.
Format: Paperback
Extent: 72pp
Size: 200mm X 210 mm
Illustrations: Colour Throughout
Publisher: British Natural History Museum
Published: 1998
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