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ISBN 0 565 09138 7 
Volcanoes are one of the planet's most awesome and yet seductive spectacles, evoking a host of emotions from fear and fascination, to sorrow and suspence. Gentle or terrible, they may bring fertility and fortune, or equally they may destroy and sterilise. This book sets out what we have learned about volcanoes in the two thousand years since the first written account of an eurption. Superbly illustrated, this book explains, what volcanoes are, and how they erupt, the stories of some famous eruptions, why scientists risk their lives to try understand volcanoes and how volcanoes bring prosperity to the millions of people who live nearby. Many of the magnificant photographs in the book were taken by Katia and Maurice Krafft, who risked their lives to capture on film beneficial hot springs and mud pots, livid red-hot lava fountains and flows, and killer ash clouds and mud-flows. Explore the fiery aspects of our planet for yourself.
Authors: Susanna Van Rosr and Ian F. Mercer
Format: Paperback
Extent: 64 pages
Size: 200mm X 210mm
Illustrations: Colour throughout
Publisher: British Natural History Museum
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