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Introducing Metamorphism

ISBN 97817804604642 
Metamorphic rocks are one of the three main types of rock. Originally comprising either igneous or sedimentary rocks, metamorphic rocks are the products of change by heat and pressure, often at great depths in the earth’s crust, into a completely new form. One of the classic examples of the result of a metamorphic process is the transformation of sedimentary mudstone into slate. Introducing Metamorphism provides a succinct introduction to metamorphism. Ian Sanders explains how and why rocks change during metamorphic processes. He discusses the role of water in metamorphism and describes the different types of metamorphic processes including contact, shock and high pressure metamorphism and metamorphism in an orogenic belt. Copiously illustrated and written for those who wish to gain a clear understanding of metamorphic processes, Introducing Metamorphism is designed to make the processes that led to the formation of these rocks intelligible to its readers. Technical terms are kept to a minimum and are explained in a glossary.
Author: Ian Sanders Format: Paperback Extent: 157 Pages Size: 217mm X 217mm Illustrations: Colour Throughout Publisher: Dunedin Academic Press Published: 2018
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