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ISBN 978 0 565 09155 2 
Gemstones have been a source of facination for many thousands of years, from the fiery brilliance of diamond and the soft iridesence of pearl to tough jade gems once used in weapons and pink topaz that was popular in Victorian jewelery. This book looks at each of the world's known types of gemstones in turn, exploring their unique beauty, rarity and durability. It reveals how each of the gem minerals forms, where they are foundand mined, and how they are identified. The book also explains how to distinguish the real from the fake, cutting and polishing techniques and their use in adomment, from over 4500 years ago right up to the present day. With sumptuous colour photographs, Gemstones is a dazzling insight into the world of the rare and the valuable.
Authors: Cally Oldershaw, Christine Woodward and Roger Harding
Format: Paperback
Extent: 76 pages
Size: 200mm X 210mm
Illustrations: Colour throughout
Publisher: British Natural History Museum
Published: 2001
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